Smog Test Only

We are a Star Certified Smog Test Only facility. This means that we are authorized to test your vehicle to see if it meets California’s emissions limits, yet we do not repair or service them if they do not pass. We believe that test centers should be separate from repair centers. Otherwise, you risk having a shop tell you the car didn’t pass…even though it did…just to get extra money out of your. Having test only facilities (like us) separate from repair shops protect you from potentially being an unsuspecting victim.

Simple and Fast DMV Smog Check

We make your DMV Smog Check simple. Just bring in your car registration renewal paperwork with you. We’ll scan it into our system and it will match your car’s profile with the DMV database. There’s no need to issue you a physical certificate because we deliver it digitally. If you do not have the registration paperwork, then that’s okay too. We’ll process the vehicle and then thoroughly test it, and the information will be sitting there ready for you when you get to the DMV. We also provide registration tags here. Make us your one stop shop to get your car, truck, motorcycle, motor home or other vehicle tested, cleared, and walk out with your registration stickers in hand before you step outside.

Looking For A Smog Station Near Me?

If you’re in search of a Smog Station Nearby, then bring your vehicle to our shop. It’s interesting how many other shops didn’t account for or plan for unique vehicles to be brought into the shop. We have a bunch of space in the back of our shop for large vehicles, like recreational vehicles, and there is plenty of room to maneuver or to move about the parking lot.

When you arrive, then simply pull in directly to the back of the shop. We’ll will guide and direct you to the necessary bay. The bay to the far right is reserved for vehicles that were manufactured back in 1999 or earlier. This is the section of the shop that has very specific equipment required to do all of the additional tests required by the state for older engine cars or trucks. We’ll have to put your ride through multiple tests, so plan on your stay taking a tad bit longer than usual. However, one of the complements that we receive the most is that our shop is one of the fastest out there. The reason for that is because we’ve been in the industry for so long…and Angle, the owner, is the one performing all of the work single handedly.

If you have somewhere to be quick and don’t have the time to wait, then we’re likely your best option. Feel free to give us a call, if you are on your way, so that we can provide you with estimated wait times. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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