Smog Inspection

If you need a Smog Inspection done on any of your vehicles, then bring it in to our shop. We’ll take care of both you and your motor vehicle. Our location often has immediate availability. This means that you can expect not to be waiting long. There’s no need to make reservations or appointments. Drop on by. We’ll get you in and out as quickly as we can and you’ll be back on the road in no time. If you have a pressing question, concern, or comment, then simply give us a call. We’ll listen to, respect, and respond to you as openly as possible. Thank you for making us your #1 best choice!

Smoke Test Your Car For the DMV

Are you looking to Smoke Test car? I was surprised at first to hear some may people referring to a smog check as a smoke test. Yes, we smoke test cars. We check the emissions level, or the amount of smoke being released from the exhaust, in order for you to obtain approval to get your registration from the California department of motor vehicles. The reason for this test is to prevent cars that look like they are smoking from being on the streets. This is California’s solution to manage the air quality in the state. We should be grateful that these steps were taken in restrict cars from spewing harmful toxins into the air. These regulations pushed auto manufactures to invest in new technologies that would allow cars and trucks to travel cleaner and with less dependency on oil. Today we are the beneficiaries of these new technologies. Now we can charge up our automobiles with the use of the sun using clean, free, resources that’s available to CA residence just about any time of the year. When you need to renew your registration, then drop on in. We’ll smoke test your car in no time!

A Truly Special Star Smog Facility

We’re absolutely proud of our Star Smog facility. Our #1 priority is customer service. We absolutely understand that if we treat you special then you’ll spread the word to all of your friends and family…and we’ll get to see you regularly every year or two. Our shop is also clean. There aren’t grease stains everywhere and it doesn’t smell like the Los Angeles tar pits. We keep everything tighty, neat, and organized. We’re also pretty fast, and our customers regularly rave about our speedy service. Most star smog inspections only take about 5 to 10 minutes from start to finish. And lastly, we’re proud to be able to service all vehicles, like big trucks, boats, and RVs. These are usually the ones that get turned away the most and we really enjoy being able to help out our neighbors what have been turned away elsewhere. Come and swing by the shop and bless us with your presence! We’d love to have you!

And for those of you who are visiting for the very first time, and only if you would like, we will contact the local radio station and dedicate a song to you for being a super awesome valued customer for life!

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