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Are you looking for the best Smog Check Price here in Riverside? Of course you are…because who wants to pay more than they have to for anything…especially when it comes to the DMV? Because let’s face it…the department of motor vehicles charges high prices for everything. True, some of their fees goes to roads, bridges, and infrastructure, but that doesn’t seem to be my top priority when I have a family at home that I have to feed. We understand stand, and that’s why we’re making our services affordable.

Our Cheap Smog Shop Near You

I bet you’re looking for a cheap smog near you…am I right? So here’s the deal. I believe that we are extremely affordable. Our price is right in line with all of our competitors in the area. However, one thing that most other shops do is to advertise a cheap price just to get you into the shop, but then they slap on an additional fee for the certification. And if the car is older than 1999, then of course all shops charge additional for that. This is totally a bait and switch technique.

We charge one price for our service, and we offer a $10 coupon. And much luck every other shop, we do charge a little extra for older vehicles because of all the additional time and step involved with the testing process. We also incur additional expenses when we test older makes and models. We use air to pressurize the car to find and locate leaks in your system. This is all required by the state. But when it comes to older vehicles, the biggest difference is that we actually service them. Most other shops turn them away because it’s far too much work. That’s just bad business. That just one reason why everyone should bring their cars here. Everyone else is too quick to turn people away just because it requires more work. We don’t mind the extra work. And we don’t mind getting our hands dirty. And luckily for us…we are often the beneficiary of other shops being lazy because they end up sending their customers here. Hey guys…thank you!

Our Low Smog Check Cost Commitment

We absolutely understand that a smog check cost is important to you, and your satisfaction is important to us. This is why we want you to let us know if our price is too high, unacceptable, or ridiculously insane. Tell us. Let us know if you feel that is unaffordable, or if it simply makes you unhappy. We prefer to show you our total price that includes everything, but on the surface it seems higher than all the other prices being advertised. As I mentioned earlier, most shops sucker us in with really low prices…only to charge additional fees…(like your certificate fee) and then you walk out of there paying over sixty dollar. We’ll work with you on a one-on-one basis, depending on our work load and current commitments, and let’s communicate amongst ourselves and find a happy medium that we both can agree upon. Remember…we’re here for you. And we’ll do everything we can to keep you a customer for life. Thank you! And we’ll see you soon!

We’re looking for customers for life! Tell us…how can we make you a customer for life so that you will tell your friends, parents, siblings, coworkers, gardeners, and mailman that we’ll take care of them like we took care of you–like a superstar!

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