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We’re here to help you with your CA Emissions Test. Magnolia Smog Shop works with the Department of Motor Vehicles to test your car’s emission levels so that you can quality to receive your vehicle registration. This location has been servicing residence of Riverside for over 19 years. We’ll make every step of the process simple, fast and affordable. Feel free to call with any questions you might have, or just drop on in.

The Need For A Regulated California Smog Check

It’s extremely important to have a California smog check performed on your car. This is required for all vehicles that you with to operated legally within California state borders. If your car is new, used, or from out of state, then you can expect to have this emissions check performed every other year. We will need to scan in your car to the DMV database, pop the hood and inspect the engine. We also look under the car to ensure that no devices are being used to game the results picked up by the computer. On older vehicles we will run the car on rolling cylinders (like the ones in the picture below) and the gas is applied to properly comply with state requirements. We also pressurize the car to ensure that there are no leaks detected in pipes, hoses or anywhere else in the engine’s operating system.

Doing Our Part For Clean California Smog Levels

There is a tremendous need to regulate California smog. Pollution has been an alarming concern for the residence of California and for the state legislature. Guidelines have been enacted by Sacramento in an attempt to control the air quality from reaching critical levels. And over the years these rules have grown increasingly more strict on auto manufactures in an effort to nearly eliminate CO2 emissions entirely. These regulations have forced companies to invest in newer, cleaner, technologies that have lead to hybrid cars and vehicles that operate solely on rechargeable batteries.

There has been several benefits to the state’s control over the air quality. For one…we are able to take advantage of simple everyday things like taking walks, play sports or even chatting with neighbors outside without the concern of breathing in harmful toxins in the air. Also, these new innovations have become more affordable today because of rules set in motion decades ago. We now get to benefit from past decisions–today.

We’re just here to serve you…in any way that we can. If you have a question, then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll go out of the way to do whatever it takes to earn your 5 Star review and to have you leaving here another satisfied customer. We look forward to meeting you personally!

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